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1983 to today...

In 1983, Groupe René Marchand acquired the optical concession of Sears Canada Inc. It was a major turning point for the expansion of the company, which had been active in the optical sector since 1925 under the banner Marchand Optométrie & Lunetterie. By the end of 1983, nine Lunetteries Sears branches were already in operation.

New clinics gradually opened over the years to create the current network of 27 clinics in Quebec City, Montreal, central Quebec and other outlying regions.

We are proud to have a third-generation optometrist on the board. After the death of the original owner, Jean-Raymond Marchand, in 1970, his son bought the firm from the estate and expanded it to a 1200-square-foot location in the new Place Laurier mall. Dr. René Marchand successfully continued the family business, growing the network significantly by acquiring Lunetteries Sears in 1983. In 2000 he had the pleasure of welcoming his own son, Dr. Frédéric Marchand, to the team, fresh out of optometry school in Montreal. Dr. Frédéric Marchand is the third generation of optometrists in the Marchand family.

In 1998 and 2003, the Lunetterie Sears network received the Partner in Progress award from Sears Canada. This award is given to the concession deemed to best embody the shared vision of exceptional service, innovative products and top-notch quality.

Sears Optical also won a number of different awards in 2006 and 2007 for creative advertising, including nomination to the “film” category shortlist at the 53rd Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2006, a prize at the 2006 Créa competition for best Quebec creations, and a 2007 Marketing Awards prize for the TV ad “Police.” Finally, Sears Optical won the gold in the 2007 Canadian Extra Awards for outstanding newspaper print ad.

In 2006, Groupe Marchand became the partner and manager of the new Centre Oculaire de Québec (corner of Du Vallon and Ste-Foy). This clinic offers the services of 17 ophthalmologists, making it the biggest clinic of its type in Quebec City. The Centre Oculaire partnership allows Lunetteries Sears optometrists to guarantee full service with ophthalmological follow-up whenever necessary.

Come take advantage of the expertise acquired over three generations of professional eye care, and put your trust in over 50 optometrists and 17 ophthalmologists who offer professional eye care services through our network of 27 Lunetterie locations across the province of Quebec!

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